How to Turn Your Busy Kitchen into a Minimalist And Clutter-Free Space

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Minimalism is a lifestyle that many people are embracing nowadays. It aids in improving our mental health and spending our money wisely as well. It encourages that we live more consciously and to focus on purpose.

How does one start on this journey?

Well, it starts in the household! For many, the kitchen is the busiest and most messy part of the house. That’s why apart from choosing to create a perfect kitchen layout, decluttering and tidying your kitchen can make you feel more relaxed!

Here are a few tips on how to make your kitchen minimal and clutter-free:

Limit the number of kitchen appliances
Purchase only what you need. No, you won’t be needing that banana peeler you recently saw on shopping TV. Also, opt for high-quality appliances even if it is a bit more expensive at the first purchase. It will save you a lot in the long run and will help you lessen the clutter. If possible, look for multipurpose kitchen appliances as well.

Keep a sufficient amount of pots and pans
If you have two of the same pan, it is best to give it away. By now, you should know which pots and pans have the most use in your kitchen. To identify which item needs to let go, observe and check until 30 days. If that item wasn’t used in 30 days, decide whether you should sell or donate. But if this is something valuable to you, you may keep it in a box and store it in a basement to free up more space in the kitchen.

Only keep one or two sets of dishes
Washing the dishes after work alone is quite stressful for the majority of us. The less amount of plates you have, the tidier your kitchen will be. Also, try to clean up all items immediately after use. If for example, you are planning to bake something, you may clean up the kitchen counter and wash all the dishes until your baked goodies are ready to be served.

Clear up your counter
As mentioned earlier, you must keep all items in place every after use. Avoid dishes from piling up in the sink and free up the kitchen counter space. You may keep appliances such as your microwave oven on the counter, but store your dishes and utensils in your cupboards or cabinets.

Get rid of unnecessary knives
Most people have lots of knives stored in their cabinets when in reality they only use about 2 or 3 from their collection. The excess just adds clutter and you’ll be saving yourself space by giving them away.

It might seem quite difficult to revamp your home into a minimalistic one but it will surely acquire benefits in the long run. Not only does it improve your mental health, but you also get to save yourself more space and money. There are fewer dishes to worry about too! How awesome is that?

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