Kiev Apartment: Contemporary Residential Interior with Concrete Ceiling

Kiev Apartment 8

Kiev Apartment is located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It is a 2016 project designed by Architecture National Team with Paula Otto, Elen Bn Maurmann, and Eduardo L Maurmann. This apartment is kind of a special apartment because of its interior design. The most interesting thing can be seen on its concrete ceiling. With simple interior and unique ceiling, Kiev Apartment becomes very comfortable as a living place.

Dining Room

Kiev Apartment 4

Kiev Apartment 10

The focus interior design of Kiev Apartment dining room is the decoration on the wall side. This wall is decorated with shelves, racks, and some accessories. With the white color and the concrete ceiling, this dining room will invite everyone to enjoy the meal comfortably.


Living Room

Kiev Apartment 9

Kiev Apartment 7

The same design with the concrete ceiling, the living room interior has a natural lighting that comes from the large glass wall. The white wall fits well with the white chairs and sofa. The beautiful wooden floor is adorable and also warm with the stylish rug.



Kiev Apartment 8

Kiev Apartment 6

Kiev Apartment has a small kitchen but it is good enough to be used for cooking some good meals. The glass wall offers a beautiful view outside the apartment while cooking. The floor and the kitchen island is made from beautiful white marble materials.



Kiev Apartment 5

Kiev Apartment 3

Besides the concrete material for this apartment ceiling, the architect also uses some other materials to design the interior. The marble materials make the kitchen looks beautiful and the use of solid wood can be seen on the floor, storage, and also furniture of the apartment.



Kiev Apartment 1

The bedroom interior of Kiev Apartment is a combination of coloring simple design. Right at the back side of the white bed, you can see a “black space” that looks interesting once you see it. This area has a black floor, black wall, and also beautiful windows, allowing the amazing view comes to the bedroom area.



Kiev Apartment 2

The bathroom has the same concept as the bedroom interior. Besides the concrete ceiling, the black color comes from the small black tiles on the bathroom wall and the shower area. The storage is located right above the sink, creating another good look for the bathroom interior.

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