Tech House: A Contemporary House with Many Unique and Whimsical Features

Tech House 2

Located in Jackson Hole, WY high on a double sloping site, Tech House is a contemporary house designed by Cushing Terrell. It offers awesome and stunning views of the Teton Range. This house has a lot of unique and whimsical features, including some custom features that support the house design and system for living.


Tech House 1

Tech House 2

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Tech House is wrapped in a warm yet contemporary package with many unique and whimsical features. These features offer a lot of useful things to support living activities. With the simple design and these features, the house can frame and afford stunning views of the Teton Range and deliver it into the house interior.



Tech House 4

Tech House 5

Tech House 6

The multiple layers are connected to each other by heated concrete ramps. These layers also hug the house terrain. For the house indoor area, the architect adds infinite hue-changing LEDs with a design that can connect this area with the main level of the house and the recreation room.



Tech House 7

Tech House 8

Tech House 9

The flat-screen panels, green roofs, and solar panels inlaid to the house entry floor. There are also a few of the custom features such as adjustable chain mail shade curtains on a trolley system, a Pickard steam injection pizza oven, mechanized fireplace doors, and triple-stacked bunk beds. These features are wrapped in an exterior of moss rock, steel, corral board, and zinc panels.

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