How to Easily Automate Your Home

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Automation is the future of homes. With the growing sophistication of technology, there is always a new innovation to revolutionize our lives at home. Infusing them in your home is one of the smartest investments you can make, especially if you would want to consider selling your home later on. Particularly in the Fenwick Island area, where the real estate market is experiencing strong sales. If you want to get on this trend, you can incorporate these simple home automation tricks:

Install Smart Lights that Turn On and Off by Schedule

If you are yet to build your home, contact Fenwick Island custom home builders to see how they can incorporate this smart lighting into your home. This automation trick can help you save tons of money on utility bills. Smart lights can be connected to your mobile phone or computer so you can control lighting even when you are away from home. Aside from this energy-saving function, smart lights can also bring in a touch of versatility in your home with its sleep-friendly modes and changing color schemes.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Another energy-saving home automation trick you can include in your home is a programmable thermostat, which allows you to control the temperature of your air-conditioning system at home. You can customize it to lower the thermostat when no one is using a room or when everyone is sleeping.

Use Automated Electronics, Appliances, and Devices

Ever heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? IoT means a connected network of various things in your life. As long as there is an Internet connection, you can link devices, so their functionality is maximized, and you can easily control them by the touch of your fingertips. Do you always forget to draw the curtains before leaving the house? You don’t have to worry about them if you have motorized blinds at home. With your mobile phone, you can easily control its opening and closing.

Install Smart Locks

If you want to secure your home, then install smart locks. Smart locks allow you to keep your home safe from intruders. Most of the smart lock systems of today come fully integrated into a home automation system, so it can quickly notify you if there are potentially suspicious events in and around your house. It also gives you peace of mind, especially if you want to check if you’ve locked the door on your way out.

Go the extra mile and install a smart doorbell. Some devices allow connectivity to Google Home or Amazon devices so it can notify you if someone is at the door when you are away. You can send a voice message telling them to come back. You can also see if suspicious people are loitering around the vicinity of your home.

Update Your HVAC System

The latest technologies of today have reached even the HVAC systems, and that’s a great thing. Many of the updated HVACs now come with smartphone connectivity, zoning, and home automation. These features can help you save on utility bills, enhance your HVACs efficiency, and afford comfort to your home.

Have a Programmable Irrigation System

Have a big lawn to maintain? Lessen the hassle of maintaining landscaping with a programmable irrigation system. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your grass as you can easily schedule them with an automated irrigation system. Since most come with a sensor, you can save on your water bill because it would automatically stop watering when the soil is moist.

Having an automated home is a good investment, as it can increase the overall value of your home. You can also benefit from savings on utility bills. An added plus of an automated home is its safety features – now that’s priceless.


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