Decorating Tips For Your Older Home

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The DIY trend has taken over the nation. This has extended to all kinds of projects including many people buying older homes as “fixer upper” projects. There are so many historical homes just waiting for the right owners to lovingly bring them back to life and their former beauty.

Older homes come with some great advantages including the obvious charm, durable and long-lasting construction materials and a long-ago conservative use of space. Taking on a restoration or rehabilitation project of an older home can be as rewarding as it can be challenging.

Part of the process of restoring an older home, once you get finished with some of the bigger projects, is the inside decor. Bringing the modern conveniences that you want together with the charm and style of an older home can be a challenge. Here are a few decorating tips for your older home to help you out.



One of the first steps to giving your older home an interior upgrade is to get rid of all of the old wallpaper. Although you may eventually choose to repaper a small area as an accent wall, the older and out of style wallpaper should come down.

Refresh your walls and ceilings with a coat of neutral paint of the same color. This will give you a platform to start on and help you to hide the imperfections that may be on your walls.

If your trim is in good condition you can paint it the same color as your walls but in a more glossy finish. Or, you can choose a complementary color like a light grey or blue to really let them stand out.


Wood Floors

In most older homes you will find original wood floors. Take a look under carpeting or tiles to see what you have hidden right under your feet. You may have to sand down the existing wood floors and reseal them to bring out their former beauty, but it will be worth the elbow grease that you put in. Warm up the feel of the bare floors with plenty of plush area rugs and runners throughout the house.


Blinds & Shades

Keep to more neutral colors with your window shades. If you want to show off your intricate moldings, try mounting your blinds and shades on the interior side of your windows. You can also use drapes to hide any windows that need repair or don’t have the greatest views.


Outdated Fixtures

It’s likely that your faucets, lights and door fixtures around your home may need to be updated. If they are truly unique you might want to just clean and repair them, but to add a more modern touch you can switch them all out quickly and easily.


Furnish Simply

Large, ornate or heavy furniture should be avoided in a historical or older home. You will want to draw attention to the natural beauty of the architecture and all its details and away from your furniture. Too much heaviness in your furniture can leave a room feeling oppressive.

Choose items that have clean and modern lines and can be easily integrated into any room for any decorating style. You can always add pops of color to your room by using fun and bright throw pillows, blankets and artwork.

Antique Touches

Again, you don’t want to overdo it with a room full of antiques. You should let your home speak for itself. An antique look or worn piece here and there can bring the right balance that you are looking for.


New Windows and Doors

When it comes to updating an older home, you might want to focus more on updating the exterior. Aside from giving it a fresh coat of paint, you can also consider replacing doors and windows that have seen the worst termite damage. Make sure to look for designs and styles that match the overall appearance of your house. Add a layer of varnish to make your doors and windows stand out!


Updated walls

Lastly, don’t forget to focus on giving your interior walls an upgrade by getting rid of the mold and give it a fresh layer of wallpaper and paint. It’s easy to get help for mold problems. You can get a DC mold removal service to aid you in keeping your walls clean and getting you started with updating your walls.



Taking on the responsibility of restoring an older home is a big project, but one that can be endlessly joyful and rewarding. Designing the interior of your home should mean that your personal style and the charm of your home itself meld together for a unique look and feel that is all your own.


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