Salto House: A Vacation Dwelling with Continuous Interior and Irregular Shape of the Building

Salto House 15

Salto House is a vacation dwelling located in Salto, Sao Paulo. This awesome house is designed by AMZ Arquitetos, a 2013 project with 640.0 sqm in size and a 2500m² plot. For a large family, this house is built with the continuous interior on its some common spaces. The irregular shape of the house building also becomes unique and interesting characters for the house.


Salto House 1

Salto House 2

Salto House 3

It is a residential project with a spreading program on the plot horizontally. Based on the sun orientation and suitable views, the architect tries to get the advantages from the awesome site of the house and bring them into the house. The position and size of the house plot also can generate the building’s irregular shape.



Salto House 4

Salto House 5

Salto House 6







Salto House 7

Salto House 8

Salto House 9

Some common spaces of the house such as guest bedrooms, laundry, and garage are designed in the continuous interior. The large sliding panel of the kitchen wall allows the dining room integration anytime. The spaces are also spacious and open, offering an easy way to move from one space to another space inside the house.



Salto House 10

Salto House 11

Salto House 12

There are some social areas with a valley view and all of them are glazed. A wooden vertical brise-soleil is applied on the west facade of the house to protect the living room from the bright afternoon sun. The bedrooms are also protected by sliding louvered doors while blank walls in the edges of the house can maintain the privacy and frame the interior views.


Salto House

Salto House 13

Salto House 14

Salto House 15

Salto House 16

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