Pemulung House : A Mean for Social Transformation

Pemulung House is the work of an Indonesia-based architecture company IBUKU. It is located in Denpasar, the island of Bali, Indonesia. The concept of this house is to house garbage collectors as an effort for social transformation. The firm saw how collecting recyclable waste is not receiving a positive response from the people in surrounding area. Therefore, the IBUKU team, commissioned by a large company, was encouraged to make a change by proving a house compounds that are healthy and well-organized for those garbage collectors.

How It Is Constructed

Pemulung House A Mean For Social Transformation 7

The Pemulung House consists of 14 housing units of 18 square meter. The compounds also have several bathrooms, safe storage, kitchen, and common areas. These facilitations are intended for the inhabitants to work effectively and socialize with one another. Moreover, the houses are built as modules where main living spaces located on the first floor and a mezzanine sleeping area on the top floor.

Bamboo Materials

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The main material used to build the Pemulung House is bamboo. Bamboo will allow the wind to penetrate the entire building that can improve the interior temperature. So it is no wonder if each housing unit is clad with bamboo for the walls and floors.

Temporary Housing

Pemulung House A Mean For Social Transformation 5

The housing compounds are provided for those who need temporary housing while traveling to Denpasar for work and increasing their income, by collecting recyclable waste, before they go back to their places of origin within a certain period of time.

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Recycled Materials

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As the housing for recyclable waste collectors, it is only natural if Pemulung House integrates recycled materials into the design. Looking at the roofing and insulation, you can see they are covered by bottles and tetra pack packaging.

Safe Storage

Pemulung House A Mean For Social Transformation 3

To keep everything well-organized and as clean as possible, there is a safe storage where recycled materials can be kept.

The Site Plan

Pemulung House A Mean For Social Transformation 2

Here is the complete plan for the Pemulung House. There are 14 housing units and bathrooms, three in total, as we have mentioned above. There is also a spacious parking area for the residents’ carts.

The Sketch

Pemulung House A Mean For Social Transformation 1This is the Pemulung House sketch made by IBUKU prior to the construction. You can see how the firm has planned every single thing to provide comfort for the residents.

Source: Archdaily  

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