ALL SH, Small Store Designed by LineHouse

All Sh Designed By Linehouse 6

ALL SH is a streetwear shop offering shoes and clothing in French Concession, Shanghai, China. The shop was designed by LineHouse and completed in 2015.


All Sh Designed By Linehouse 6

Despite coming with the 20sqm space, LineHouse wanted to offer the best for ALL SH. With that in mind, the firm came with the idea to display the products in a more visible way so that the passerby can see them from the street. Not only that, they are also able to take a peek of the shop’s interior from the outside all thanks to the glassy façade. When it comes to the shop’s interior, the existing shell was transformed into it raw state, showcasing the patina of the concrete walls. To complement the look, the firm inserted a series of white thin vertical panes angled over the space.

Strong Angled Insertions

All Sh Designed By Linehouse 5

The angled insertions are combined with the angled concrete bench as you can see from the exterior and the mirror counter which reflects the neighboring street.

All Sh Designed By Linehouse 4

To differentiate the old and new, the firm used white metal and stainless steel blended well with the minimal palette of the mirror.

All Sh Designed By Linehouse 2

The stainless steel strips on the ceiling and the floor, spreading out to the wall beyond and creating mechanisms of the display.

All Sh Designed By Linehouse 3

Meanwhile, the mirror is inserted in between the planes to reflect the rough existing shell and emphasize the thinness of the inserted walls.

All Sh Designed By Linehouse 1

The mirror panels also function as storage units behind with the larger ones act a fitting room.

Via LineHouse

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