Mostardeiro Apartment: Modern Apartment Renovation by Restoring the Original Features

Mostardeiro Apartment 6

Mostardeiro Apartment is a 1960s apartment with a unique design. Architecture National Team works to renovate this apartment by restoring its original features: window frames and parquet flooring. The real challenge of this residential project is about designing a modern apartment in the most traditional avenues of Porto Alegre.


Mostardeiro Apartment 12

Mostardeiro Apartment 6

The first idea of Mostardeiro Apartment is restoring the features and also reinvent things that don’t need any recovering anymore. The architect team also keeps the original built-in cabinets, creating a unique interior design to be seen.



Mostardeiro Apartment 11

Mostardeiro Apartment 5

Mostardeiro Apartment is a project with a lot of custom-made furniture. This idea is about creating a neutral backdrop to be combined with the loose objects. It will also create a greater space flexibility. This apartment is prepared to be used as a living place for years without any drastic changes to be done.



Mostardeiro Apartment 10

Mostardeiro Apartment 9

The kitchen is connected to the old sink and the social area. The sink is located facing the wall and it is converted into an awesome island. The tiles of the kitchen area are different from the dining area, showing another uniqueness of the interior.



Mostardeiro Apartment 8

Mostardeiro Apartment 7

The interior shows the resident personality: an architect, an advertiser, and also a couple. With a collection of design objects and furniture come from the family heirlooms. Some elements are also used to create rich and harmonic space visually.



Mostardeiro Apartment 4

Mostardeiro Apartment 2

The big bathroom is designed by dividing it into two parts. This kind of design can create a functional day-to-day bathroom and also a guest toilet too. The bathroom is located near the living room, it is very easy to access.



Mostardeiro Apartment 1

The small balcony in Mostardeiro Apartment can provide another unique space to relax and enjoy the view around the apartment. The interesting design about this balcony is the lighting. The light bulbs can create a romantic atmosphere, especially at night.

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