A Modern House with A Monochrome Interior

A Modern House With A Monochrome Interior 90

The need to spend more time with my family in nature forced an interior designer, Lesya Pechenkina, to look for a plot to build a house or a ready-made one. Her studio designed a house that met all her and her family’s needs while searching. But at the last moment, she found a two-story house without finishing and realized she could quickly adapt it to her family’s lifestyle. The goal was to create a communal space for enjoyable shared time, fostering each other’s hobbies and creating warm memories.

Designed by Lesya Pechenkina for her own family, A Modern House with A Monochrome Interior is complemented by 2 terraces, sleek furniture from Italian brands such as Cattelan Italia, Calligaris, and Bonaldo, textiles from Bulgari and Enere, and lighting fixtures from Axo Light and 101 Copenhagen. It also features lamps and furniture based on sketches by the author of the project.

Interior Concept

The lifestyle of Lesya Pechenkina’s family is dynamic, encompassing work, frequent business trips, flights, as well as sports, travel, and socializing with friends and family. The interior creation process was influenced by all of these. Lesya, as a design studio head, was constantly surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors and textures so it was important for her to have a rest and a relaxed feeling. A minimalist design with tactile textures, natural materials, and clean lines was chosen to allow every family member to feel comfortable, safe, and calm in the house.


A spacious public area can be found on the ground floor, including an entrance group, terrace, kitchen, dining area, living room, common wardrobe, hall with stairs, and a bathroom with a boiler room. All areas can flow into each other by designing the space as an open space.

Private areas are on the second floor with a master block including personal wardrobes, an office, a bathroom with terrace access, and a children’s block with its own bathroom. These areas are designed close enough to each other for open-door communication.

An office was added during the work, blending into the architecture of the house seamlessly. Lesya also managed to expand the house’s area with two outdoor terraces. On the ground floor, the terrace continues the main area and serves as a summer living room. In the kitchen-dining area, the terrace matches the main house area in tones and materials, visually extending it.

Interior Mood

The kitchen has been beautified with a natural marble island while the living room with a vinyl music player, built-in professional TV acoustics, and an electronic piano. The goal was to gather everything that brings pleasure and joy.

Stunning forest views can be seen in the bedroom, bathroom, and built-in sauna on the second floor. One of the family’s favorite places in this house is the master bathroom. Inside, one can find a private space a small but functional sauna behind glass.

Finishing Materials

All rooms get almost the same finishing touch. A palette of basic shades underlines the unified architectural line of the space. The finish is complemented by a built-in shadow plinth, porcelain stoneware, uniform in all rooms, and concealed doors.

This house is also equipped with a ‘smart home’ system that allows the creation of various lighting scenarios, playing music, and controlling the fireplace, curtains, and all engineering facilities.

Color Scheme

A monochrome gray-white base is chosen to provide a relaxed feeling after a working day. This color scheme selection is also influenced by the surrounding landscape. Lesya wanted to create a balance between the picturesque forest outside the window and the interior space, as well as between shades and textures, lines, and volumes.

The zoning principle was also applied to create the right mood in the rooms’ local area. That’s why the hall area is formal and bright while the living room area is enveloping and more intimate. The kitchen is warm in muted tones while the light island and dining area create a special mood on a contrasting basis.

Decorative Tricks

The striking staircase was one of the main architectural elements that was designed as an art object. It has clear graphic lines, monolithic railing, and light play, creating an incredible impression.

Furniture and Decor

For the furniture arrangement, the aim was to keep the space open and filled with air and light, as well as highlight interactions between zones. That’s why all items in this house are predominantly free-standing and not adjacent to the walls. A lot of furniture in this house was also custom-made to fit the necessary proportions and form. An impressive collection of unusual items and decor from different corners of the world have become the interior’s adornments.

The most important thing of all in this project is the atmosphere. The calm environment without unnecessary details allows its inhabitants to feel peace, joy from spending time together, and inspiration to create and achieve new feats.

A Modern House with A Monochrome Interior Gallery

Interior designer: Lesya Pechenkina, @lesya.pechenkina

Photo credit: Natalia Gorbunova, @gorbunovainterior

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