C3 House: A Permanent Residence with Zero-Carbon Footprint and Visual Integration to the Landscape

C3 House 5

C3 House is a triple carbon zero residence located in Southern Lakes, New Zealand. It is a permanent residence designed by a New Zealand architect, RTA Studio. With 460 sqm in size, this residence is designed to achieve a visual integration to its surrounding landscape and a zero-carbon footprint for a family of four.


C3 House 1

C3 House 2

This triple carbon zero residence has a two-car garaging, gym, two guest bedrooms, ad two living areas. Those rooms are designed with an idea to achieve a zero-carbon footprint in creating a friendly residence to its nature. The residence is also integrated visually to the landscape to create a good balance between the look and the surroundings.



C3 House 3

C3 House 4

The architect uses some planning controls around the residence area that requires buildings with minor visual impact, especially on its landscape from the open space. These controls also include a height limit control in 4.5-meter, limited earthworks, recessive colors and textures, a pre-determined building platform, and also minimal vegetation disturbance.



C3 House 5

The landscape of C3 House is a natural open area with a lot of long yellow grass. The residence stands on a small hill that facing a forest with mountains in the distance. With the design, plan, elements, materials, and this supporting landscape, the residence can be used as a perfect place to refresh body and mind far from the busy city.

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