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Sonoma Farmhaus: A Retreat of Solitude and A Hub for Gathering with Rich Materials and Textures

Located in Graton, California with 2,057 SF in size, Sonoma Farmhaus is designed by SkB Architects for a cycling enthusiast with a globally demanding professional career. The client wants to have a place that used as a retreat of solitude and a hub for gathering. Rich materials and textures are used to provide humanness, creating an icon of sustenance for the client.

ToDD Residence: A White, Two-Story Volume with Functional Spaces

This awesome residence is designed by SkB Architects with a design that comes from the concept of how to create an urban farmhouse. This concept also includes finding a way to push the limits of the usable space of the house within its very restricted footprint. Located in Seattle, WA, ToDD Residence has a white, two-story volume that contains some functional spaces.

West Roy Residence: A Modest Penthouse Apartment with Preserved Mid-Century Roots

Located in Seattle with 1,590 SF in size, West Roy Residence is a modest penthouse apartment that originally built-in 1955. Renovated by SkB Architects, the mid-century roots of this home are enhanced and preserved while also bringing the design into the 21st century.