Bayview: An Interesting Mid-Century Modern Home with New Structure and Three Distinct Outdoor Environments

Bayview 7

Overlooking Sarasota Bay, Bayview is an interesting mid-century modern home owned by a young couple. They want to reconnect with their former hometown, Sarasota, Florida. Designed by Sweet Sparkman Architects, this home has a new structure that used to create the three distinct outdoor environments with a separated program.


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The backyard undulating topography of this home can provide awesome views of the bay and also the Lido Key. While the courtyard is located within the main house and the guest’s house, creating a private green space for the children of the young couple to play. There is also a sea of grasses and ferns, framing the eastern and northern facades that create a contrast to the dark limestone walls.



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Bayview has a large gate that can welcome the guests into the courtyard. In order to create some gaps, architecture from Sweet Sparkman Architects uses the separated roofs, steel columns, and slabs cantilevering. The roofs are separated from the walls by some and the steel columns terminate to the thin knife plates



Bayview 7

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The staircase continues the home design concept, it is floating above the monolithic plinth. The home spaces, including the guest’s house located at the extreme eastern side of the home site, are offering awesome views to the bay. Thus, this home turns into a special home with amazing views that can be enjoyed by the family with their young children.



Bayview 10

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Bayview 12

The exterior of this home is full of a combination of materials and natural elements. Besides the green trees, there are also some paths made by concrete rocks. With the help of some awesome lightings, the atmosphere of this home exterior looks romantic and warm. This exterior design is also applied to the area around the home pool.

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