Recycled House: Beautiful Home with Modern Comforts Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Recycled House 3

Made from 612,000 recycled plastic bottles, Recycled House is a beautiful home and the first of its kind. With modern comforts, this awesome home can meet all traditional and modern safety regulations. Located 39 Sunset Lane in South Shore, this home offers some best features to deliver a unique and cozy living place at the same time.


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Recycled House 3

This house structure works perfectly in a number of categories in traditional construction. Some capabilities are incredible, including hurricane resistance to withstanding the winds up to 524-kilometer in speeds and also minimal maintenance requirements. The energy efficiency ratings are located in the upper levels, making this home more special in a class of its own.



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The design and structure of this house can withstand heavyweights like snow and ice easily because it has a higher than normal weight from the traditional construction. This house also has a life expectancy of over 250 years that will outlast many generations in the future. Situated on 1.46 acres of pristine ocean frontage, it can provide awesome views of the ocean.



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Recycled House has two bathrooms and three bedrooms designed with an open concept. The living space is almost 2000 sq. ft. in size that can provide all the modern comforts. The windows are warm, bright, and large with a capability to maximize the natural sunlight and creating stunning views with passive solar heating.



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Here are the features included:

  • Shopping
  • School Bus Service
  • Recreation Center
  • Community Playground
  • Nearby Parkland/Golf Course
  • Wheelchair Access Walk-in Closet
  • Ocean Frontage
  • Air Exchanger
  • Ocean View
  • Ensuite Satellite Dish
  • Waterfront


Recycled House

Recycled House 13

Recycled House 14

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