EDGE Technologies: A New Design of Developer Headquarters with NO OFFICE Concept

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Located in Amsterdam, EDGE Technologies is a developer formerly known as OVG Real Estate. This company revolutionizes the built environment with a new generation of smart buildings and also raises the bar in wellbeing and sustainability terms. The assignment of Fokkema & Partners for this developer when they move to the top floor of EDGE Olympic is aiming for the highest WELL rating possible with NO OFFICE concept.


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The ambitious assignment for EDGE Technologies is to design this developer new EDGE headquarters by introducing the first NO OFFICE concept. This concept is the apparent opposites of high-tech and health, unified in an exciting synthesis of sustainability, technology, and hospitality. It clashes with the regular traditional office but still becomes a comfortable and great place to work for this developer company.



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Some of different meeting and workplaces in these new headquarters can provide comfortable and stimulating options for the working day. The office space feels like home, serving as an experimental garden for new technologies and ideas which is green and fresh as well. This garden atmosphere can be found in every corner of the office space.



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The architect uses Biophilia inspired design principles like rhythm, patterns, and organic forms. These principles also include good acoustics with interior planting and unobstructed views alongside the office atrium edges and facades. The elegant touches come from the combination of the glass wall and wood background inside the office interior.



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The floor is dividing into some zones: the home zone, urban zone, and a tiny villa. Those zones can represent different atmospheres for different activities. The end-grain wood is used to design the hand-laid library floor while the toilets are gender-neutral and a soundscape of the waterfall. An endless number of new materials, techniques, and ideas are combined to create the entire design.


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