House of Planes: A Modern House with A Sequence of Horizontal and Vertical Planes

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With the Indian Ocean around the site, House of Planes consists of a sequence of horizontal and vertical planes. This modern house is a design project by Australian architect, Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects. This house extends its spaces to connect with each other, creating a larger place for living. The flat surface of this house has an exactness based on the site subsurface geology.


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House of Planes is designed with a sequence of horizontal and vertical planes. These planes can extend this house structure which also makes the house spaces larger too. This extends continue to the landscape of the site and connecting the interior experience with the horizon, creating an ambiguous field at the same time.



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All spaces are designed and measured based on the horizon great line. They are formed by the house planes and continue to the surrounding landscape of the site. Most of these house spaces are designed in a modern style with some touches of contemporary. While the elegant looks come from the use of glass materials and the sleek tiles.

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The first floor of this house is used as a public area with a dining space, living room, and kitchen. This floor has a connection with the outdoor area through the patio that leads to the pool. The second floor is connected with a simple black stair, a floor of a more private area that houses a master bedroom and bathroom.


House of Planes

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