A Bright and Colorful Moscow Apartment for Rent

A Bright And Colorful Moscow Apartment For Rent 12

Vladimir Afanasev took on the challenge of transforming a small Moscow apartment into a stylish rental space. Within its modest forty-five square meters, he managed to carve out a cozy bedroom, a combined kitchen and living area, a bathroom, and even a cleverly integrated dressing room and laundry space. No stranger to such projects, Afanasev’s clients entrusted him with full creative control, setting a rough budget and handing over the keys before returning six months later to see the results.

Working with a layout free from structural constraints allowed for some strategic adjustments. By repositioning the wet area in agreement with the developer, Afanasev created a discrete dressing room and laundry nook, effectively concealing the apartment’s practical functions.

With the clients’ faith in his vision, Afanasev departed from the typical neutral color scheme of rental properties. Instead, he opted for a bold palette featuring vibrant hues like turquoise, red, and terracotta, complemented by whites and grays. A rather dark hallway, painted with a deep terracotta ceiling, smoothly turns into a well-lit living room.

In the bathroom, the dominant terracotta sets the stage, accented by meticulously arranged rectangular tiles that define the functional zones. In contrast, the bedroom exudes a sense of intimacy with its darker tones, unified with the rest of the apartment through subtle color echoes and a striking red door. Vintage touches like Italian sconces and a ’70s-inspired chair add character and warmth to the space.

Every detail, from the bespoke metal furnishings (the console and bedside tables in the bedroom and accessories in the bathroom) to the carefully selected art pieces, contributes to the apartment’s unique charm. While the search for the perfect artwork was time-consuming, the final result speaks for itself, giving the small apartment an undeniable allure.

A Bright and Colorful Moscow Apartment for Rent

Designed by Vladimir Afanasev
Photo by Sergey Ananyev

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