Yagan Square: A Local Project of Major Investment with A Clear Cultural Design Idea

Yagan Square 14

It is a local project by Iredale Pedersen Hook for the City of Perth and Western Australia. The architect work with Lyons Architects and Aspect Studios for the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority as the client. Yagan Square is a major investment in civic and cultural infrastructure located at the east end of the new MRA Citylink development. With a clear cultural design idea, this place can be a great place for the people to connect, meet, and celebrate the culture of Perth and Western Australia.


Yagan Square 1

Yagan Square 2

Yagan Square 14

Yagan Square brings back the city and community life to the Horseshoe Bridge. It also becomes a great place for the people around the site to discover and celebrates the environment, heritage, and culture of Perth and Western Australia. A clear cultural idea in the design of this place can show and describe many details of the city heritages and cultures in a cool way.



Yagan Square 3

Yagan Square 4

Yagan Square 26

Iredale Pedersen Hook arranges the composition of the landscape, retail buildings, digital tower, and the William Street Mall to enhance and create good connections to Northbridge and the city adjacent areas. Some passive landscape elements and active retail programs are also arranged to optimize public engagement with this place.



Yagan Square 5

Yagan Square 6

Yagan Square 7

The design concepts of the architecture in this project can respond to the imperative for this site to be welcoming and inclusive. Yagan Square also becomes an active cultural and civic destination that represents the diversity of broader Western Australia and local Perth region. The convergence ideas for this project include indigenous and non-indigenous people, narratives, tracks, and geologies.


Yagan Square

Yagan Square 8

Yagan Square 9

Yagan Square 10

Yagan Square 11

Yagan Square 12

Yagan Square 13

Yagan Square 15

Yagan Square 16

Yagan Square 17

Yagan Square 18

Yagan Square 19

Yagan Square 20

Yagan Square 21

Yagan Square 22

Yagan Square 23

Yagan Square 24

Yagan Square 25

Yagan Square 27

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