A Bright And Colorful Moscow Apartment For Rent 12

A Bright and Colorful Moscow Apartment for Rent

Vladimir Afanasev took on the challenge of transforming a small Moscow apartment into a stylish rental space. Within its modest forty-five square meters, he managed to carve out a cozy bedroom, a combined kitchen and living area, a bathroom, and even a cleverly integrated dressing room and laundry space. No stranger to such projects, Afanasev’s clients entrusted him with full creative control, setting a rough budget and handing over the keys before returning six months later to see the results.

Holiday Home By The Sea 7

Holiday Home by the Sea: A Warm and Cozy Interior of A Yalta House

Holiday Home by the Sea, designed by Vladimir Afanasev in Yalta (Republic of Crimea), is a family house for a family with three children. The house, spread over four floors with terraces, provides both communal spaces for the family and private areas for individual relaxation, all set against beautiful landscapes and offering the chance to enjoy the summer sun and sea air.