Queens Residence: A Remodeling of Interior Architectural with A New Landscape Design

Queens Residence 6

Queens Residence is located in Hollywood Hills, California. It is a single family residence with 3115 square feet of the total area. MASS STUDIO remodels this house interior architectural fully with a new landscape and hardscape design. This project has been completed in 2016 with all one-off custom designed furniture and materials.


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This house is built in 1948 in Hollywood Hills. With the old structure of the house, the architect creates a new landscape and hardscape design for this remodeling project. This remodeling project includes interior, exterior, and all elements of the house such as decoration, furniture, and type of material used.



Queens Residence 4

Queens Residence 5

Queens Residence 6

With the total area of this house, it is very enough to maximize every interior design of each room. In the dining room, the white wall is combined with the black frame of the window. There is also a patterned rug right below the dining table and chairs. The kitchen area looks more decorative with the patterned tile on the floors and blue kitchen cabinet.



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Queens Residence 8

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The new landscape and hardscape design are used to remodel both the interior and exterior of the house. It includes using decorative tiles for both of those areas. The balcony and kitchen have the same stylish design with the patterned tiles. Those tiles can make the area looks more interesting in a white background.



Queens Residence 10

Queens Residence 11

Queens Residence 12

All materials and furniture in Queens Residence are customs designed made by the architect. The custom designed includes the cabinetry of the house, decorative light fixtures in each room, tiles, and also the glass material in the entrance area. The interior and exterior are fully furnished with the best design services by the architect.



Queens Residence 13

Queens Residence 14

Queens Residence 15

Besides the decorative light fixtures, this house also gets natural light from the sun. This natural light enters the house interior through the window and the glass door, so there is no need to turn on the lamps at all. In the bathroom, the light source comes from both sunlight and the light bulb installed on the wall.


Queens Residence

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