Tucuna Apartment: Brick and Wooden Walls in A Modern Apartment with Black Kitchen

Tucuna Apartment 2

The black kitchen becomes one of the most interesting designs in the Tucuna Apartment. With some clever ideas of the architects from Tria Arquitetura, this apartment is changed into a modern apartment with a lot of new things inside. Besides the black kitchen, the brick and wooden walls also add a contemporary look to the interior.


Tucuna Apartment 1

Tucuna Apartment 2

In order to make the interior looks more interesting and contemporary, the architects use bricks and wood to design some parts of this apartment wall. The brick wall can be seen in the dining and kitchen area. The wooden wall is created to add extra storage for the residents, especially in the dressing room near the bedroom and bathroom.



Tucuna Apartment 3

Tucuna Apartment 9

The living room is truly designed as the most comfortable and perfect entertaining room. This room has a large screen hanged on the ceiling and also wooden storage to put the supporting electronics. In the bathroom, the large mirror is installed on the wall above the marble sink. The same wood material is also used to design the storage and door in this bathroom.



Tucuna Apartment 5

Tucuna Apartment 6

The bedroom offers a comfortable feeling in simple interior design. There are still a lot of wood elements that can be found in this bedroom such as wooden floor, side tables, and also cabinet below the wall mounted TV. The architect uses concrete to design this bedroom wall, balancing the contemporary look from the wood material on the floor.



Tucuna Apartment 7

Tucuna Apartment 8

Besides the brick and wood, the use of another material is located in the bathroom. This bathroom is separated from the dressing room by a glass door and wall. And for the use of the brick in the dining area, a long bench is placed stick to the brick wall. This bench allows the contemporary style of the brick wall is visible for everyone who sees it.



Tucuna Apartment 10

Tucuna Apartment 4

Tucuna Apartment has a special kitchen designed by the architect. This kitchen contrasts with the other rooms in this apartment because of the color. When other rooms are designed with a beautiful look comes from the wooden furniture and bright colors, this kitchen has a stronger character. The black kitchen set and cabinet are combined with the wooden rack, creating a unique kitchen which is different from others.


Tucuna Apartment

Tucuna Apartment 11

Tucuna Apartment 12

Tucuna Apartment 13

Tucuna Apartment 14

Tucuna Apartment 15

Tucuna Apartment 16

Tucuna Apartment 17

Tucuna Apartment 18

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