DICE HQ/EA Games: An Ordinary Office Building with Modern Interior and Flexible Offices

DICE HQ EA Games 5

DICE HQ/EA Games moved their office from a spectacular ‘Glashuset’ in Slussen city to this ordinary office building in Södermalm’s ‘Fatburen’. It becomes an important thing for this game company, especially for the entire brand. Studio Stockholm is the landlord’s architectural representation and the tenant’s own design architect, designing a modern interior with flexible offices inside the building.


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This awesome project started in 2014 and completed in 2016. The modern interior design is adjusted based on the company identity as a game company. The use of big and many lightings with futuristic elements can make the offices look inspiring and attractive.



DICE HQ EA Games 9

DICE HQ EA Games 8

DICE HQ EA Games 7

There are some challenges for the Studio Stockholm in designing this office interior. First, they need to make the workplace becomes more attractive, especially for the game developers. They also need to focus on showing the DICE’s brand as a leading international game studio.



DICE HQ EA Games 6

DICE HQ EA Games 5

DICE HQ EA Games 4

The offices are not only designed in a flexible style but also in high-security needs. The total area of the very large office is about 15.000 square meters. It becomes a crucial factor for the architect to rationalize and organize it well, especially with the company’s very tight schedule.



DICE HQ EA Games 3

DICE HQ EA Games 2

DICE HQ EA Games 1

Once this project is finished, this ordinary office building turns into a world-class international gaming studio. Its futuristic and modern interior design can support the building to have a creative and flexible office. There is even a bar that becomes an attractive meeting area for all staffs.

Via studiostockholm

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