Wovoka: New Construction of Unique House with Contemporary Interior and Long-Lasting Details

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Wovoka is a unique house located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This 10,500 square feet house has a completed design in 2017 with new construction. Costa Brown Architecture designs Wovoka with contemporary interior and also kept the long-lasting details, offering the house spirit through generations.


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The main goal is not only about designing a comfortable interior design for this house but also about creating a new construction in a unique form. From a distance, this house already looks interesting with its unique shape of the roof. The wooden frame of the house also makes it looks like a warm and cozy country house to live in.



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The contemporary interior of Wovoka is warm and also interesting. Every space inside this house is designed in clear and firm forms. All of the long-lasting details come from the design and construction in the last 17 years, so this house actually has its own unique history.



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With over 17 years of design and construction, Wovoka has many awesome details. This house has hand logs, native granite aggregates, teak windows, a copper roof, and also concrete insulated walls in 16 inches. All of those details are still intact inside this house.



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In the heart of the house, the minimalist kitchen with its wooden island and cabinet is placed in one area with a small living room. The living room consists of two comfortable chairs that facing a warm fireplace. The unique beams are exposed throughout the whole interior of this house with the wooden frame on the windows.



Wovoka 13

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The contemporary interior design of Wovoka has formed awesomely with the natural materials. This house has a lot of use of wood, especially on its construction, ceiling, furniture, and poles. The walls are made from concrete while the floor is warm because of the stone materials.

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