Create a Perfect Blend of Classic and Contemporary with Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

It is indisputable that for generations, wood flooring has reigned supreme as a favourite choice amongst property owners. Finding its way into the first homes in the 17th century, wood flooring has since been relied upon for its high durability, decorative flair, and unrivalled lifespan. But after already reaching saturation point, it can be easy to assume that the aesthetic of traditional hardwood has little to offer our modern palate. But interestingly, wood flooring isn’t set to fall out of fashion any time soon. Although the contemporary interior landscape has undergone radical reinvention since the turn of the century, wood flooring still remains in high regard amongst design specialists and home improvement experts alike.

This is great news for those who love the naturalistic charm of real wood, and, of course, even better news for those who already have it installed. The truth is, wood flooring has retained its capacity for elevating interior spaces, working in harmony with a plethora of fabrics, furnishings, and furniture.

If you’re already familiar with the prototypical look of wood flooring, chances are you’re picturing romantic textures that hark back to a simpler time. Whilst in some scenarios this is the case, once wood boards enter a less traditional setting, the narrative is entirely subverted. Here, wood floors begin to boast meta-modern charisma, simultaneously evoking feelings of nostalgia and notions of advancement.

Here are just a few ways in which wood flooring can reinvent contemporary interior design.

Rustic Grades

No matter what your home, lifestyle, or décor, there is always a place for rustic grades of wood. Each board takes advantage of intricate textures, intriguing blemishes, and interesting knots, allowing them to express individualistic character. No longer will your flooring be just a foundation for other furnishings. This bespoke choice of wood will prove a striking feature underfoot, making your interior space completely unique. No two boards will ever look the same, preventing your home from feeling generic.

Light Neutrals

Invite positivity into your home with light tones and neutral hues. Not only are muted colours the perfect signifier of modern interior design, they provide an interesting point of contrast with the natural flair of real wood grains. This combination of traditionalist sensibilities and contemporary colour schemes creates a perfect balance of old and new. Additionally, the enhanced light content within the room will allow the textures of each board to shine through, demonstrating true style without fail.

Authentic Textures

Authenticity is everything in modern design, so don’t hesitate to emphasise real texture with sculpted wood boards. Whether you go for hand scraped, brushed, or distressed, you’re sure to receive an endless number of delightful tactile sensations with every step. This subtle depth also promises to elevate your space. By creating additional visual dimensions, your interior setting is stopped from appearing flat, boring, and lifeless.   

Minimalist Spaces

Pristine. Flawless. Immaculate. Contemporary living is becoming busier by the day, so it’s no surprise that open, airy spaces are all the more desirable. Although decluttering your home can feel truly liberating, don’t fall into the trap of emptiness. Wood flooring can bring proportion to minimalist settings, exhibiting an array of joins, grains, and other complex details. The added definition can also encourage continuity between furnishings, preventing the space from appearing sparse.

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