La Héronnière 11

La Héronnière: A Family House with A Remarkable View of the Surrounding Nature

Designed by Alain Carle Architecte, La Héronnière is a 2014 project of a 465 m² family house located in Wentworth-Nord, in the Lower Laurentians, Canada. The site of the house is chosen by a family of four, offering a remarkable view of the surrounding nature. Living spaces are built closer to the ground of the house with mineral atmospheres. The result of this project is a family house with a good connection to nature of its site.

Les Elfes 7

Les Elfes: A Unique House with A “Unique” View and Continuous Toog Wood Wall

The site of the “Les Elfes” residence is located on a mountainside in Morin-Heights, Canada. It is a 2011 project designed by Alain Carle Architecte with 5165 ft² in size. In this project, it is necessary to design an anti-monument by following a particularly extensive program. With a “unique” view and a continuous Toog wood wall, a sort of observation “device” by way of a building can be created.