Little Russian Apartment: Modern Interior of A Pretty Apartment with Functional Central Hallway

Little Russian Apartment 2

Located in New York, there is an apartment that has a functional center hallway that can meet all the owner needs. This little Rusian apartment has 355 square feet of the hallway that turns into a closet. The architects from Studio Bazi designs the modern interior design of this apartment and manage to create a laundry room, storage, and even a kitchen inside the hallway.


Little Russian Apartment 1

Little Russian Apartment 7

The modern interior design that has been created by the architects in this Russian apartment is simple with a bright look. Most of the wall is painted in white. They also use a lot of natural materials like wood to bring more natural look and feel into the apartment space.



Little Russian Apartment 3

Little Russian Apartment 6

This apartment has a different layout. The toilet and entrance area is located on the second floor while the main living areas are housed on the lower floor. With the not-too-big space, together with Alireza Nemati, Studio Bazi uses a tight core for the center area to make a spacious bedroom and living room.



Little Russian Apartment 9

In the central hallway, Studio Bazi designs small apartment storage. The doors can be opened to reveal a small kitchen with a trash, dish storage, food storage, and a cutting board. A broom closet is hidden by another door with a cabinet and a washer near it.



Little Russian Apartment 2

Even though the kitchen is small, it looks luxury at the same time. The architect uses marble to cover the backsplash and beautify the sink. With the wall-mounted drying rack, this kitchen has an awesome space-saving solution. There is also a vent above the stove, reducing any bad cooking smell.

Little Russian Apartment 4

Little Russian Apartment 5

In the living room, the wooden floor can make this room feels warmer. There is also a big bookshelf, a round wooden table, and a black chair. A beautifully patterned rug is placed below the table, decorating the floor well with its unique pattern. The owner can enjoy free time in this room while looking the awesome view through the window.



Little Russian Apartment 8

In order to add more storage to the apartment, there are three pull-out closets made under the stairs. Even the small bathroom is also placed under these stairs. With the space-saving solution and modern interior design in this apartment, living in a busy city like New York will be so much easier.

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