Industrial House: The Beauty of House Loft with Industrial Interior Design and Details

Industrial House 9

In 2016, IDwhite designed this beautiful house with a loft type atmosphere based on the client’s desire. This house is a Soviet architectural building which is turned into an industrial house with industrial interior design, especially with its loft. The house is located in Kaunas, Lithuania with 170 meter square of the total area.


Industrial House 1

Industrial House 2

Industrial House 3

IDwhite uses a lot of industrial elements to create the industrial interior in this house. They want to create a different look of an industrial house with the interior elements, especially using the furniture, decoration, lightings, and materials for all rooms.



Industrial House 4

Industrial House 5

Industrial House 6

With some industrial-specific details and materials, the industrial interior of this house feels and looks very strong. The ceiling is full of industrial pipes and lightings. Every room also has unique industrial furniture and decoration in dark-grey colors.



Industrial House 7

Industrial House 8

Industrial House 9

The floor is made from polished concrete materials. The architect also uses rough plaster to design this house walls. Some metal beams can be seen in some areas inside the house, adding a strong accent of industrial design that can be mixed with the furniture.

Industrial House 13

Industrial House 14

The walls in the kitchen and dining area are made from warm grey, black, red bricks. For the furniture, the brownish brown leather of chairs is chosen to beautify the living and dining area. Most of the house interior surfaces are designed with natural wood and black metal materials.



Industrial House 10

Industrial House 11

Industrial House 12

For the bathroom and bedroom, the white atmosphere is added through the bed, curtains, bathtub, side table, and lighting. Above the bed, the lightings are combined with small green leaves that propagate along the white iron frame.

Via idwhite

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