Quant 10: A Model Apartment with New Luxury Interior and Fascinating Display

Quant 10 9

Quant 10 is a model apartment, a 2006 project design by Ippolito Fleitz Group. This project is about a conversion of an old 1960’s laboratory building into an apartment with new luxury interior and fascinating display. In order to attract more potential buyers, the luxury interior is made to complement the awesome exterior designed by Wilford Schupp.


Quant 10 10

Quant 10 11

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The luxury interior in Quant 10 is designed in a flowing room concept too, supported by an awesome composition of colors and materials. The use of some colors as an interior element is applied on the wall, floor, and furniture. Together with a black sofa, some unique frames are used to decor the living area right on the bright purple wall.



Quant 10 1

Quant 10 2

Quant 10 3

The main concept is getting the most out of life by creating an awesome living environment that approaches the real living style. All views of exterior and interior can be framed beautifully with this concept and added more functional uses to all areas.



Quant 10 4

Quant 10 5

Quant 10 6

The kitchen has a spacious space design with the expansive dining table cater and freestanding cooking block. There is also a mirrored ceiling that beautifies the dining area. The owner of this living space enables to keep a full view of the terrace, living area, and the kitchen through a soft seating landscape.



Quant 10 7

Quant 10 8

Quant 10 9

A pivotable LCD television, a low table, and a capacious pouf are used to complement the sofa. The interior mood can be adjusted with the lighting. There is also a freestanding wood-burning fire to create a cozy and warm feeling when winter comes.

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