Apartment D: An Attic Apartment with Clear Modern Interior and Fascinating Ceiling

Apartment D 6

Located in downtown Stuttgart, Apartment D is an attic apartment owned by a young family. The clear modern interior with its fascinating ceiling construction is designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group. The main focus is the general space arrangement and also the color palette to beautify its modern interior.


Apartment D 6

Apartment D 5

The modern interior in this apartment is clear without too many things and decoration in it. The wall and the kitchen island comes in a pure white color with the dynamic rounded shapes around the roof. This bare wooden roof is transformed into an awesome element to define the space.



Apartment D 4

Apartment D 3

The drawn-out rectangle shape is formed by the floor plan. The apartment core area is occupied by the open space kitchen and a generous living room. And the secondary rooms can be found in a U area around the core area, separated by a large glass wall with a beautiful pattern.



Apartment D 2

Apartment D 1

The architect creates color and dynamic rounded shapes, adding a counterpart with the equipment and furniture cubic nature. The columns and beams are also designed by lit gaps. The additional contrast can be made with the abstract wall graphics to the installation that has a reduced geometry.

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