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Glass Loggia House: A Union of Clever Design and Visual Artistry

Allen Jack+Cottier works together with designer Belinda Koopman and landscape architect Vladimir Sitta to design this grand house in Australia. Transformed in 2010, Glass Loggia House is a two-storey High Victorian-style residence that offers a union of clever design and visual artistry.

Eumundi House: A Different Approach to Rural Life with Three Modest New Structures

Located in Noosa, QLD, Australia, with 240 m² in size, Eumundi House reflects a different approach to rural life with three modest new structures wished by the clients. Completed in 2019 by Allen Jack+Cottier Architects, the new structures can help forge a close relationship with a herd of brumbies on the clients’ 35-acre property.

Kiama House: The Main Residence with Natural Materials for A Robust Rural Character

Completed in 2018 by Allen Jack+Cottier Architects, Kiama House is designed as the main residence located within the coastal landscape of the Illawarra. This house sits on a 20-hectare stud farm and is surrounded by panoramic views across the rolling hills to the ocean. Natural materials are chosen to give this house a robust rural character.

Mittagong Farmhouse: A Grand Yet Unassuming Home Built of Robust Materials

Completed in 2010 by Allen Jack+Cottier Architects, Mittagong Farmhouse is a grand yet unassuming home that sits in an NSW Southern Highlands cattle farm. With 450 m² in size, this farmhouse works in harmony with its sometimes harsh yet beautiful surroundings. It is also a farmhouse built of robust materials using basic utilitarian construction techniques.