Apartment FS: Elegant Interior with An Art and Literature Theme in A New Apartment

Apartment FS 3

The owner of Apartment FS is a couple who appreciate all about art and literature so much. That’s why this apartment turns into a new home for them with an art and literature theme combined with an elegant interior design.  Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, this apartment is located in an old building in the heart of Stuttgart.


Apartment FS 1

Apartment FS 2

The elegant interior design is combined with all kinds of literature and arts of the couple. The calm atmosphere comes from the natural color of the white wall. The architect also designs a long corridor as both library and gallery for the couple.



Apartment FS 3

Apartment FS 4

The couple passion about art and literature is used as the main theme to design this new apartment interior. They have a lot of collection of books and arts that can decor the contemporary interior in an interesting way, especially decorating the apartment wall.



Apartment FS 5

Apartment FS 6

Besides the collection of books and arts, most of the rooms in this new apartment is dominates with a natural white color. This color is used to beautify the bedroom, including the bed, cabinet, wall, and ceiling of this room.



Apartment FS 7

Apartment FS 8

Some of the artworks are displayed strictly, especially on the sliding walls in the study room and the seating corner in the living space. The materials and colors are used to dominate the look of the whole contemporary interior such as green, beige, and some natural products.



Apartment FS 9

Apartment FS 10

Located in the long corridor, the library wall has floor-to-ceiling bookcases and flush-mounted doors. There are also small sculptures display on the opposite wall. Using a dark wood as the main material, the architect can create tall sliding doors to conceal the entrances to the dining and living area.

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