Innocence in Zen: A Living Place with Simple Zen Interior and An Ideal Playground

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Innocence in Zen is a project of a living place located in Kaohsiung’s Agricultural 16th Special Zone and designed by HAO DESIGN. A husband-wife couple is the owner, both of them are doctors. They live with two beautiful daughters The husband loves to have a simple zen interior and the wife loves a Nordic style. They also wish to have an ideal playground in this home for their daughters.


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After a detail observation, HAO DESIGN removes two rooms and designs a new 2+1 layout. The common space is designed in a flexible style with a sliding door. When this door is shut, the family can use the multi-function room as a guest room.



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The simple zen interior design is made using some elements with a transformation process. The designer divides the functional areas in this home, making sure the home is spacious sufficiently. The use of tatami bed can show the simple zen interior much clear with its ten-centimeter thick cushion.



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The functional areas consist of a leisure room, desk, bar, dining table, and living room. All rooms are designed in a down-to-earth visual effect, especially the atrium floor. This floor is full of natural materials that the designer uses to create a natural zen style.



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HAO DESIGN uses chiseled stone tiles for the atrium floor and weaved iron netting for the screen. Behind the piano, there is a dark-colored slate tiling and three aspen wood as decorations for the kitchen. A refined zen interior design can be seen in the ceilings with the linear grille ornaments.



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There is a lot of furnishing in Innocence in Zen, such as storage racks, cabinets, shelves, table surface, and a window pane which are made from solid wood. The volume feeling is emphasized by the bookshelf on the study room wall, enhancing the family home warmness.



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With the design, HAO DESIGN can create an emotional effect in this home based on the client’s frame of mind. The zen lifestyle can be experienced well with the simple zen interior design through a lot of elements, including the furniture, the concrete wall, and also the decorations.

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