House of Chen: Vintage Interior with Original Brick and Green Retro Wall of Old Apartment

House Of Chen 13

Located in Kaohsiung, House of Chen is an old apartment on the Zuoying highway. This apartment is very aged, that’s why HAO DESIGN keeps the original brick to make a vintage interior design. There is also a new green retro wall that can add more interesting look in House of Chen.


House Of Chen 1

House Of Chen 2

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The vintage interior design of House of Chen is full of original brick view all over the rooms. The new retro green wall is added to the living room to add a more interesting look. This vintage interior is also supported by the wood element, balancing the vintage style to the house space.



House Of Chen 4

House Of Chen 5

House Of Chen 6

There is a reading area which is an extension from the American style green TV wall. This reading area has a windows trill, a vintage leather sofa, a brick wall, and also a bookshelf made from pipe. All those elements can show the diversity and combination of the apartment vintage style.



House Of Chen 7

House Of Chen 8

House Of Chen 9

Every space is designed in a vintage interior in a good cover and integration. This kind of design will not give a bad effect because of the narrow doors. All spaces look cleaner and sharps with the covered storage, making the guest surprised.



House Of Chen 10

House Of Chen 11

House Of Chen 12

House Of Chen 13

HAO DESIGN uses a lot of wood veneer material as a wall cover. Those wood veneers are also hung on some black and white photo frames. This way can represent the 70’s life quality and a feel of getting back to the old generation in a vintage atmosphere.

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