Marvel’s Safehouse: A Hero’s House with Industrial Interior Design and Cement Finish

Marvel's Safehouse 1

Marvel’s Safehouse is a hero’s house designed by HAO DESIGN. The designer creates an industrial interior design with the cement finish based on the client wish. He is a 30-year-old engineer who wants to have a natural cement-based environment in his home to relax comfortably after a busy work.


Marvel's Safehouse 1

Marvel's Safehouse 2

Marvel's Safehouse 3

HAO DESIGN uses some industrial elements to create the industrial interior design in this hero’s house. The construction process of this house is locked, especially for the client’s parents. He needs to keep away the truth of cement finish from his parents because senior people always think this kind of house looks like an unfinished house.



Marvel's Safehouse 4

Marvel's Safehouse 5

Marvel's Safehouse 6

Besides some industrial elements, HAO DESIGN also combines it with a traveling idea. They create simple lines with the suitcase board for some drawers. There is also a metal mini bar that uses for the dining area, providing more space to move.



Marvel's Safehouse 7

Marvel's Safehouse 8

Marvel's Safehouse 9

The designer comes with an idea to create a frame based on the traveling concept. This frame can be changed to some different looks, especially to adjust the view of the aircraft window. The windows and the glass doors are framed in a dark black color.



Marvel's Safehouse 10

Marvel's Safehouse 11

Marvel's Safehouse 12

The industrial interior is identical with some industrial materials, such as pipes, old lamps, and steel bars. HAO DESIGN uses the steel bars for the shelves in the study room. Some heroes elements are combined with a dynamic concept using bending steel bars.



Marvel's Safehouse 13

Marvel's Safehouse 14

Lighting is another important element for the industrial interior design. Marvel’s Safehouse has a strong visual effect because of its interesting wall lamp. The designer and client also talk about the interior decoration and other elements that can be used for this hero’s house during the 2-month progress.

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