Dowell Residence: An Iconic Residence with Modern Interior and Lifestyle

Dowell Residence 1

Dowell Residence is designed by Tom Kundig from Olson Kundig. He works with Dennie Kennedy to design this house interior. It is an iconic residence with a modern interior design and lifestyle. The new owner loves to have a modern interior of a house with modern conveniences too as a living place with his young daughter.


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This house is built in 1953 in Seattle’s Seward Park. It reflects irk’s classic Northwest, Asian-inspired aesthetic. Olson Kundig needs to consult with some historic photos from the documented residence before he starts to design this house based on the new owner wishes.



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Dowell Residence is surrounded by a beautiful and natural view. On the patio, there is a small pool complete with its water fountain. This awesome view of the patio can be seen right from the living room area through the large glass wall.



Dowell Residence 8

Dowell Residence 7

The designer has to find the best way while updating this house with the interiors of the Paul Kirk-designed home and to honor the iconic architecture. In the final result, the modern interior design is made carefully by refurbishing the original materials and incorporating the modern conveniences.



Dowell Residence 6

Dowell Residence 5

Most of the furniture in the Dowell Residence remained, including the furniture in the living room and outside patio with its chaise lounge. Both of them are reupholstered and repaired by the designers. The lounge chair is also brought back inside to create a vintage look.



Dowell Residence 4

Dowell Residence 3

The modern interior design is supported by some unique decoration. There is a collection of Northwest Masters original art pieces and some great paintings by Paul Horiuchi and Guy Anderson. Those arts can complete the renovation of period-sensitive.



Dowell Residence 2

Dowell Residence 1

Some furniture with Japanese and Scandinavian design can be found in the living room together with a television, a custom steel cabinet, and a pivoting door. In the dining room, there is a custom-sized table and chair made by George Nakashima.

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