9 Amazing Small Pool Ideas

Dark Light House 3

Even when you only have a small house with limited spaces, it is still possible to have a small pool in your house backyard. In order to have a small pool as you wish that fits the area of your house, you may need a small pool idea which can improve the beauty of your house. For more inspirations, take a look at these small pool ideas below.

1. North Whale House by Berg Design Architecture

North Whale House 8

It is an elegant and modern oasis for a new single-family with natural beauty. Both indoor and outdoor areas of North Whale House offer natural beauty with a warm atmosphere that completed with a small pool. The small pool idea in this family house is realized in the large green yard of the house.


2. Los Altos New Residence by Outer Space Landscape Architects and Klopf Architecture

Los Altos New Residence 9

It is a new residence inspired by a mid-century home. Los Altos New Residence has a modern home with a new custom design and open spaces. The architect uses a simple small pool idea, creating a small pool at the back yard of the house for the children of the owner.


3. Sentosa House by L P Kwee

Sentosa House 3

Sentosa House is a modern house with a unique waterfront view. The small pool idea in this awesome house is about bringing the pool into the interior area of the house, surrounded by entertaining facilities such as a reading and sitting area. It is a perfect idea for those who want to still want to enjoy their house pool from inside the house.


4. Bedford Residence by Joel Sanders Architect and Balmori Associates

Bedford Residence 8

The architect links Bedford Residence to its surrounding landscape to create a balanced look between inside and outside. With a small pool idea, this connection is realized supported by a stacked bluestone wall that brackets the pool, creating a dramatic structure as well to beautify the pool.


5. Tepoztlan Lounge by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Tepoztlan Lounge 11

It is a project of a series of bungalows of different sizes and designs that can be rented by days, months, or years. Tepoztlan Lounge is a modern lounge designed as a central communal space, supported by two impressive trees and a small pool. The small pool idea in this project offers a special place for visitors to enjoy the surrounding nature.


6. Dark Light House by Aaron Neubert Architects

Dark Light House 3

As a single-family residence, Dark Light House has gentle topography and two interlocking volumes. There is a small pool terrace with a wooden deck. The small pool idea in this project is about providing a simple small pool and placed it right on the house terrace that has a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.


7. House in Blair Athol by Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects

House In Blair Atholl 8

It is a double-story home with a contemporary design. House in Blair Athol is designed as a contemporary, practical home that can encourage an outdoor living for entertaining. This concept is supported by a small pool located right near the living area. This pool is an integral part of the lanai of the house.


8. Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture

Lacuna House 9

It is a generous home with a grand design gesture for a growing family. Lacuna House is also beautified with a small pool idea that placing the pool at the backyard area of the house. This delightful family swimming pool is called Lacuna, a Latin word for a pool.


9. House of Parts by CplusC Architectural Workshop

House Of Parts 13

The sum of complex and beautifully detailed elements in this modern house is completed with a small pool idea that has a great panoramic view. House of Parts also has flexible and diverse spaces combined with a modern design for a family with four children under the age of six.

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