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The Author’s House: A Place for Reflection, Inspiration, and Contemplation

Located in Aarhus area, Denmark, The Author’s House is designed as a place for inspiration, reflection, and contemplation. It is a residential project by SLETH that hired by a private client that should also function as her everyday office get-away. With 68 m2 in size, this house is a blend of wellness and wellbeing close to its surrounding nature.

VILLA G: An Interpretation of Traditional Danish Brickwork with Panoramic Views

Designed as a private residence with 220 m2 in size, Villa G is an interpretation of traditional Danish brickwork. This residence sits on a hill above the wetlands edging the fjord, outside the Danish town Randers. Together with Niras, KRADS Architecture has been completed this project in 2011 and received the Architecture Prize 2013 from the municipality of Randers, DK.

SKOVGÅRDSVEJ: A Modern, Contemporary Two-Level Villa for A Modern Family Life

Located in Ordrup. Denmark, this 2008 project is a transformation of a modest 1933 bungalow to a modern, contemporary two-level villa. SKOVGÅRDSVEJ is transformed by Valbæk Brørup Arkitekter with a double-high room as the core of the lively modern family life.

LEJRVEJ: A Single-Family House with Tactile Material Scheme and Extraordinary View

This single-family house is located in a rural suburb north of Copenhagen on the slope of a closed-down airbase with an extraordinary view. LEJRVEJ is a 2016 project by Valbæk Brørup Arkitekter, designed to emphasize the view and making it as a mediator between two different landscapes. With 169 sqm in size, this house is built with a tactile and honest material scheme.

Danish Smart House Eco: A Sustainable Swan-Labeled Housing Concept for Modern L:iving

Constructed in 2007 by Valbaek Brorup Architects, Danish Smart House Eco is a sustainable Swan-labeled housing concept located in Svanelunden 5, Herfølge. Denmark. With 300 sqm in size, this single-family house is designed as an original take on modern living.

Summerhouse Denmark: Five Separate Houses with A Star Shape and Same Height

Summerhouse Denmark is a summer house project by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects located on the northern tip of Sjælland, Denmark. Sits in a beautiful but windy summerhouse village, there are five separate houses that laid out in a star shape. With 123 m² in size, the houses are built in the same height with a vary length and width.