Etiler House: A House with Luxury Interior and A Stylish Environment

Etiler House 12

The main goal of Etiler House interior design is about creating a space with a luxury interior and a stylish environment based on the client’s wish to have the best living place in life. This awesome residential is located in a high-end area in Istanbul with 100 square meters in size.


Etiler House 12

Etiler House 11

Etiler House 10

The interior design of the living room, kitchen, and entrance are open. Those rooms can look more spacious than it seems. The interior design is not only luxury but also cozy and comfortable, offering a good place to live.



Etiler House 9

Etiler House 8

Etiler House 7

There are an integrated bathroom and a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. The designer also creates a bright study area with a small access to the garden and a little kitchenette. So it is very easy for the client to make a cup of coffee while working.



Etiler House 6

Etiler House 5

Etiler House 4

Most of the interior designs of the rooms in Etile House are furnished with a pastel color palette, escapefromsofa’s custom-designed furniture, also wood and marble textures. Every room in this house has its own character design which is unique and interesting.



Etiler House 3

Etiler House 2

Etiler House 1

Etiler House is also surrounded by a large garden that can be seen right from any room in this house, including the bathroom. This garden can brighten the house and also bring a warm tropical feeling to the interior space.

Via escapefromsofa

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