Ordu University Library: A Library with Contemporary Interior and Dynamic Space

Ordu University Library 9

This library of Ordu University is located in Ordu, Turkey. It is a 2017 project about designing an awesome library with a dynamic space and contemporary interior. The interior becomes more peaceful and refreshing for all visitors.


Ordu University Library 1

Ordu University Library 2

Ordu University Library 3

The main priority to this library is about designing a dynamic space with a comfortable atmosphere. With this kind of space and atmosphere, all people in this library who come to study can have good quality in reading and study.



Ordu University Library 4

Ordu University Library 5

The library interior is about its large common space. This space is divided into some closed areas and some different areas. The columns of the space are used to define and separate the space so every space can have a good function based on the visitor needs.



Ordu University Library 6

Ordu University Library 7

Ordu University Library is not only a regular library. It is also combined with a periodicals hall, a digital laboratory, a topical boos hall, a kitchenette, a print room, a consultant area, and also more than five individual workspaces.



Ordu University Library 8

Ordu University Library 9

The contemporary interior design is combined with the escapefromsofa’s design aesthetics. This combination of interior design can create both natural and elegant look to the library interior, providing a calm and comfortable feeling when reading books.

Via escapefromsofa

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