Bird’s Nest: A Modern Residence with A Mid-Century Architecture

Bird's Nest 8

The characteristic of Bird’s Nest can be seen from its strong geometry. This modern residence is designed by Kendle Design, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, The architecture is a mid-century with the  Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler influences.


Bird's Nest 1

Bird's Nest 2

Bird's Nest 3

Bird's Nest 4

The modern principles can be seen clearly in a simplicity of the building. It can create a good integration into this residence site. With the strong geometric, the place becomes so interesting with its mid-century modern architecture.



Bird's Nest 5

Bird's Nest 6

Bird's Nest 7

Bird's Nest 8

Some natural materials are used to connect the interior and the exterior. The open space comes with the Great Room which is connected to the pool terrace. The materials can create an openness airy feeling and also an expansive quality.



Bird's Nest 9

Bird's Nest 10

Bird's Nest 11

Bird's Nest 12

The tall central volume has a visual link to the dining and kitchen spaces, including the front courtyard and the pool terrace. The “birds nest” are located on the second floor with an access to the exterior space, terrace, and the private courtyard.

Via kendledesign

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