Completed Photos Talama Heights 3

Talama Heights: A Synergy of Modern Design and Engineering Ingenuity

Completed in 2023, Talama Heights is an architectural project designed by A4AC Architects. Located in the bustling central business district of Kimberley, this project endeavor signifies a notable advancement in urban revitalization. Originally a ground-floor retail building, it underwent a remarkable transformation into a cutting-edge office complex with two additional floors, highlighting a fusion of modern design and engineering ingenuity.

Green House 15

Green House: A Modern Architecture in the Pristine Natural Landscape

A4AC Architects has completed an amazing residential project called Green House. This project aimed to construct a compact, efficient bush home nestled in the Shona Langa eco estate. The goal was to design a home that blends modern architectural elements with the surrounding natural beauty. A key focus was on facilitating a smooth flow between indoor and outdoor areas, harmonizing with the untouched landscape.