Forest Highlands Retreat: A Unique and Modern Home Surrounded by Wood

Forest Highlands Retreat 7

Forest Highlands Retreat is designed by Kendle Design and located in Flagstaff, Arizona. It is not only a modern home but also a unique home surrounded by wood. Forest Highlands Retreat is a small house nestled in the stately pines with a good harmonize.


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The plan is designed for a comfortable retreat in the middle of a forest. It comes with a modern plan and also a rustic vocabulary too. This awesome small home has a great harmonize between its architectural design and the wooded surroundings.



Forest Highlands Retreat 4

Forest Highlands Retreat 5

Forest Highlands Retreat 6

Forest Highlands Retreat is different from other modern buildings. It is not a box-like or cold. It has a good articulation both inside and outside the building. It is done by choosing some best materials and balconies with some roofs with different forms.



Forest Highlands Retreat 7

Forest Highlands Retreat 8

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The exposed rafter tails fill the home space with daylight together with the clerestory windows. The light shows the beauty of wood ceiling and graceful timber rafters. The fireplace is built with some large stones, creating a warm interior to the home.



Forest Highlands Retreat 10

The great room is made without any partitions, creating a large space inside the home. The room is open and also has a great view, offering the nature to come indoors. The design and cultured nature are rich, giving this home a unique beauty that can be loved for some years ahead.

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