Coo Lodge: A Transformation of Old Building with An Unbeatable View

Coo Lodge 7

Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos is designed this old building and turned it out into an awesome living place with an unbeatable view of the landscape. Coo Lodge is a 2016 project year located in the beach of Queilén city, Chile. The idea is about transforming the building that matches well with the landscape.


Coo Lodge 1

Coo Lodge 2

Coo Lodge 3

Coo Lodge 4

The three clear levels of the building are designed in a clear way, the green field, the rocky intermediate level, and the forming. Located in the intermediate layer, the project is built according to its geography and volume.



Coo Lodge 5

Coo Lodge 6

Coo Lodge 7

Coo Lodge 8

Coo Lodge has an unbeatable view near the volcanoes and the beach. The beach has a beautiful sand and stones. The geometries around the place can show the sea and the beach in a great view. With a clean place, the architect can recover the beach that had been covered with large weeds for a long time.



Coo Lodge 9

Coo Lodge 10

Coo Lodge 11

Coo Lodge 12

The exterior around Coo Lodge is communicated with each other, including the beach. It is connected to the building through the circulations and terraces. The exterior also extends to the trails and dunes, creating an awesome view of the sea.



Coo Lodge 13

Coo Lodge 14

Coo Lodge 15

Coo Lodge 16

The architect uses some materials to design the interior, like old zinc plates. The plates are recycled from the old constructions. The building has its own history and becomes a part of it. The oxide and ground have the same color, creating the architecture look like a rock, a piece of land.

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