Kiev 104: A Modern Building in A Traditional Neighborhood to Repeat the Childhood Stories

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This modern building comes from Elen and Eduardo from the office of National Architecture. They have a plan to design a building to live more closely to the family so when the son came, he can repeat the childhood stories. Kiev 104 is located at Porto Alegre, a place with a traditional neighborhood.


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The building is located in the traditional neighborhood with an urbanization intense phase. The area consists of a shopping center, a culture area, and also a large entertainment centers. It has a strong presence with the parks and the squares.



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Each floor is occupied by one unit with 5 apartments. The optimization is used for the spaces and the condominium circulations. There is also more enough space to be used as two bedrooms and a large suite in a different version.



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The exposed concrete slab is used for the suite, corridors, and social area. Some of luminaires points are left purposely, creating a clean concrete as possible. It will also enhance the indirect lighting inside the building.



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The main highlight of Kiev 104 can be seen on its frames that occupy the whole facade. When each sheet of glass is opened. the living room will have a free span of 6.4 meters in length. The frames are placed in front of the beam to turn the whole room into a large balcony.

Via arquiteturanacional

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