Tunbridge Winter Cabin 1

Tunbridge Winter Cabin: A Small Painting Studio with A Larger House and Warm Design

Tunbridge Winter Cabin is surrounded by dense forest and overlooking a pastoral valley. This small painting studio sits on 65 acres in the Green Mountains of Vermont, United States. It is a 2017 project of a studio with a larger house and warm design where all grow on and around each other. Designed by New Affiliates, the structure is built and designed only in eight months.

Bed Stuy Loft 3

Bed-Stuy Loft: A Renovated Apartment with Loft Transformation and A New Mezzanine Structure

For a New York-based fashion designer, New Affiliates transforms the existing loft of a renovated apartment located in Brooklyn, New York. This transformation is done by adding a new mezzanine structure to introduce a new material vocabulary and reorganize the living space. Completed in 2017, this project takes 750 SQ FT in size combined with some unfinished rough materials.