Stillpoint Clinic and Dojo: A New Complementary Health Clinic in Medieval Public Spaces

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 4

Mitchell Taylor Workshop has an urban project of a new complementary health clinic in Bath called Stillpoint Clinic and Dojo. They started this project in 2007 and negotiated for several years before they can able to get on the project site. The main thing about Stillpoint Clinic and Dojo is creating an urban building in the area of the medieval tight public spaces.

Urban Project

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 2

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 5

The architect has great years to do this urban project. The challenge is about the medieval public spaces around the site that you need to combine it with the urban design of Stillpoint Clinic and Dojo. The buildings on the site are connecting to each other.


Building Series

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 6

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 7

Mitchell Taylor Workshop usually gets a project to design a singular building, now is very different. They need to design work on some building series to create an urban space. This opportunity doesn’t always come every day.



Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 8

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 9

Stillpoint Clinic and Dojo is designed with some tiny details. At first, it looks overcomplicated and also overwrought. But the complexity makes this project is so fun to be finished. At that time, the architect has a research about the things that Peter Salter has done. So this project is planned also based on the research result.


World Heritage

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 10

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 12

The Bath heritage lobby said that Stillpoint Clinic and Dojo had an important responsibility for the Bath’s World Heritage status. This status is being threatened. Hope that this complementary health clinic can cope the world heritage issue.



Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 1

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 3

Stillpoint Clinic And Dojo 4

The architect works together with Tinyue Liu. She designed the brilliant drawings set. Kris Eley also works hard to steer the project through all of the complex things on the site starts from the beginning of the operations.

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