UQTR Drummondville Campus: A New Campus with Four Floors and Four Main Sectors

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Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières or UQTR has a new campus located in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. The building of this campus is built on a wooded land with 75,000-square-foot in size and 21,500 square feet of a footprint. UQTR Drummondville Campus is a 2015 project by Daoust Lestage with four floors and also four main sectors.


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The development of UQTR Drummondville Campus is categorized as the first phase of the project. This campus building is located in the Saint-Charles-de-Drummond sector and also designed by carrying out all works of engineering such as civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, and structural disciplined.



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The main goal of this project is about designing a building to accommodate future expansion without bothering the ongoing teaching activities. This campus building has four floors that consist of four main sectors: technical premises, various services, staff, and student. There is also a library to facilitate the staff and student to get any information needed.



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The first phase of UQTR Drummondville Campus project is about the development of its large parking lot. This parking lot offers more than 400 parking spots with numerous traffic lanes that connected to the road system. It continues to the interior of the campus building with an all-white surface that comes from the white high walls and white furniture.



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The comfortable environment both inside and outside the campus is the result of this project. The architect tries to create a good balance between the building and the exterior area around it. With the complete facilities such as classroom and parking lots, UQTR Drummondville Campus offers a perfect environment to study and learn many things.

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