The Circular Building: First UK Building with Fully Re-Useable Components

The Circular Building 11

For the first time in the UK, there is a building with fully re-useable components called The Circular Building. This building is designed for the 2016 London Design Festival prototype. The fully re-usable components are shown to demonstrate about an environment that can be built from circular economy thinking and idea. The Circular Building is located in London and developed by Arup Architecture.

Zero Waste

The Circular Building 7

The Circular Building 11

The development of The Circular Building is also showing about exploring the zero waste work in this kind of industry. Usually, the construction industry works in ‘dispose, make, use,’ linear economy. This building fits well with all elements to be re-used.



The Circular Building 1

The Circular Building 2

The digital technology offers awesome features for all items tag and the window frames too. With the QR code, the information is allowed to be reused for the building. The intelligent prototype is designed with removable materials without a lot of damages.



The Circular Building 9

Arup Architecture uses an awesome research with timber for this building material on The Smile. The gravity-defying 34 meters in length, 3 meters in high, and also upside down wooden arc offers building structural benefits of the cross-laminated hardwood.

The Circular Building 14

The architect also engineered a wind responsive weathervane for this building, it is a giant wind-powered sculpture “Forecast”. This weathervane has there rotating elements which are inspired by the weather measuring instruments.



The Circular Building 4

The Circular Building 8

The interior of The Circular Building is simple but also inviting. The floor is covered by a large warm rug. The wall is decorated with functional things, for example, a whiteboard. The clear glass door is large, it allows the view outside comes easily into the building interior space.



The Circular Building 15

The Circular Building 13

The main purpose of The Circular Building is about a testing whether this approach can be adopted or not. This building shows that the combination of digital technology with the re-useable materials will be perfect to design buildings.

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