CVC Capital Partners: Bright Office Design for The Best Advisory Firms in the World

CVC Capital Partners 1

Fokkema & Partners is completed this bright and compact office design from August 2014 to November 2014. This modern office is a working place for the best private investment and equity advisory firms in the world, CVC Capital Partners. The office located in Amsterdam with 335 square of the area.


CVC Capital Partners 1

CVC Capital Partners 2

The whole design of this awesome office is made in a bright and compact design. The bright design can be seen from the white color on the ceiling, wall, and also furniture. The office space is also compact with some functional rooms for the working activities.



CVC Capital Partners 3

CVC Capital Partners 4

The office has a simple furniture just like other offices. Without too many decoration and stuff, the workspace becomes much comfortable. The floor is decorated with a large grey rug, creating a warm interior for all rooms.



CVC Capital Partners 5

CVC Capital Partners 6

Most of this office wall is dominated by a glass wall, including the door and the windows. The glass material makes the interior looks elegant. The incredible views outside the office building can be seen and enjoyed in working time.

Via fokkema-partners

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