Square Maïmat: Construction of 44 Housing Units with An Extended Interior Living Space

Square Maïmat 8

Completed in 2018, Square Maïmat is a construction project of 44 housing units by PPA Architect in collaboration with Emma Blanc. With 2,826 m² in size, it is an urban and landscaped project that offers residents a renewed quality of life in Square Maïmat, France. The interior living space of the accommodation is extended with a simple form and rational structure.


Square Maïmat 1

Square Maïmat 2

Square Maïmat 3

A renewed quality of life is provided for the residents through this project. The transformed district finds a strong attractiveness and also a positive identity to meet the objective of renewal and social diversity. This project also responds to the need of its residents for their best living activities.



Square Maïmat 4

Square Maïmat 5

Square Maïmat 6

The architectural project is designed as a superposition of pavilions on a garden in order to respond to the “desire for a home” of young families. These families are the first-time buyers of these units. “The villa building” offers a rational and simple structure that shows a strong presence and also characterized by the elements of the housing use in this project.



Square Maïmat 7

Square Maïmat 8

Square Maïmat 9

The accommodation has an interior living space that is extended by a “garden terrace”, linked directly to surrounding nature. This space is awesome and generous, offering greater potential for ownership. This accommodation gets a benefit from the apartment functional qualities and also the living qualities of the individual house.


Square Maïmat Gallery


Photographer: Philippe Ruault + Airimage (aerial views)

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  1. Wow, this is the design of the building, very cool! I really would really like to try this in life. But of course it is more suitable for a hotel than for a home. It is very big and I think that such a house is useless for me alone. Unless for a very large family, which will probably be too much too.

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